SAKARYA SÜPÜRGE are developing practical, innovative and unique products for the needs of the people. Inspired by changing and evolving tastes, we keep our designs, colors and packaging constantly up to date. We maintain the distinction of being a trend-setting company that doesn't follow dozens of product trends that are developed every year and put into production.


With more than 35 years of plastic manufacturing tradition and experience, we offer high quality, affordable premium products. As a company that can design and produce kandi mold and can import its own machinery and raw materials directly by supporting our experience with a wide qualified staff, we can win high competitive power. This high sectoral and technical experience always keeps us one step ahead while developing, producing and solving problems.


With the policy of achieving the highest quality starting from raw materials and side materials, we make a rigorous quality control at every stage of production. With the special barcode system in the outer packaging of each product, all stages of production and personnel are audited.


Our company's high experience and technological infrastructure gives us the power to offer affordable products without sacrificing quality. Our stable price policy with high competitiveness always keeps us one step ahead in the local market.


We have always adopted the principle of making the BEST and we are walking with sure steps in this way.